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Dec. 4th, 2006 | 09:41 pm

So its been that long since I last posted...well just over 2 months actually. Its now summer, I've currently got a week off work, Christmas and New Years are round the corner and I'm having a ball :) I'm completely loving Neutral Bay. If you had asked me 12 months ago where would I be living in years time...I would've said London for sure. London with my wog and my king and the three of us never looking back! Strange how things work out, well not strange, but interesting how completely different things hold you back compared to your purpose for having stayed. There are times when I wonder where my head and heart would be at if I'd made the move as I had planned, but its pretty amazing where they are both at now and it would never have happened if I didn't stay. Agh and I hate to admit it, no thats a lie, I'm kinda proud...I miss home a lot ie. my parents home. Moving out is fantastic, but there is nothing like the home of your parents that just feels so safe and loving :)

Anyhoo, bit of a recap to jog my memory - both now and later down the track!

  • Made the move first weekend of Sept
  • Obsessed with Project Runway (team Daniel V!) and Rockstar Supernova (team Toby!)
  • Margz' birthday at Bondi Social - very cool lil joint *mental note to go back*
  • Mum's birthday at Wildfire, omigosh *drool* need I say more
  • Cris' hens night and all the girls at Bec's and my place for the first time :)
  • My first Syd FC game and just so happened to be in the corporate box, sitting oh so close to Frank L - I felt like I was near a damn celebrity haha - Bertie and I got smashed :)
  • Nicko & Cris' wedding - a bittersweet and bizarro day (for me! not of the couple)
  • MG and Cristian's engagement party then chillin' in Syl's hood haha soo nice
  • Mel's farewell dinner and drinks - sad and omg like soo drunken, did my head-in amongst other things
  • I turned the big quarter-century...celebrated in 80's style
  • Harbourlife :D :D :D It.Totally.Rawked.
  • Back into the netball, although indoor now. And back into the touch footy.

    So hot right now: summer weather, daylight savings, chilln on the beach on big beach towels, summer dresses, sistas!, 15mins door to door, sweet balm, day parties........

    So over it right now: my limited shoe collection (I need more!), wasted days/weekends with hangovers, 110% effort and only 10% return, lack of internet at Neutral Bay, lack of cable TV (esp MTV) at Neutral Bay......
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