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Happy CNY!

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Jan. 24th, 2012 | 10:31 pm

THE Rooster will experience a relatively smooth and trouble-free year despite his tendency to become reckless, careless, selfish and sometimes even self-destructive. Ergo, curb the arrogant and quarrelsome nature. Kill petty conflicts before they even start. The Rooster exhibits redemptive traits of sensitivity and attention to friends. This year he will be headstrong, hardworking, responsible, courageous and self-confident, but be wary that these traits may make him look boastful and vain. Despite all this, the Year of the Water Dragon is going to be eventful and colorful for the Rooster with so many good things and opportunities appearing on the horizon. Love, romance and marriage luck is good. Both personal and professional pursuits will be found satisfying. Finances will go well, with a possible windfall of some kind, Allen stresses. Chau says the Rooster will experience a benchmark year, a period of business expansion and the achievement of newer levels of success. Wealth luck is good. It’s going to be a turnaround year for prosperity. Put crystals in the west. Have an attitude of customer service, reliability and astounding after-sales efficiency. Invest heavily in the Philippines. Roosters are advised to try the suggested professions of traveler or travel writer, publicist, soldier or restaurant owner this year. Great months are March, July and October. The bad months are April, November and January 2013. The Rooster’s secret friend is the Dragon; its allies are the Ox and the Snake.

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