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Apr. 26th, 2006 | 09:40 pm
mood: happyhappy

Almost 2 months since I last wrote...wayyy too long! For my memory, a few vague recaps:

  • Dad's birthday dinner at Kobe Jones...it's not all its cracked up to be and definitely on the exy side, being on King St Wharf and all, but we (the fam) still had a really nice time :)
  • Been drinking up at Priviledge cause its cheap cheap cheeeeeeeeeeeeeap!!! The dodgy-ness factor tho, oh how it sucks :(
  • Chris Perry's 21st...can't believe that kid is 21 now!
  • Visited Carmen: Cindy's TCM doctor...interesting and got me thinking/paranoid darn it
  • Finally got down to Bungalow 8 on a Tuesday night for ALL YOU CAN EAT MUSSELS!!! Went with Para of course and the mussels at Belgium definitely are better...oh wow just writing about them I am drooling hardcore :P
  • Went to Temasek with the girls yum yum...and we booked Melb woot woot!
  • Para and I had a fun, crazy, bizarro night which started out at Oz Square *wah wah* then the taxi driver *scary* incident then Brooklyn 4 a boogie and Orlando sighting then Macca's and then home where I woke up just in time HA!
  • Dress fitting for G & Tot's wedding...bittersweet! I so have no willpower grrrrrr
  • Neutral Bay weekend with Lala + Chindy...I love our chats/catch ups...dinner at midnight and chillin' at Balmoral Beach
  • Dirty Laundry RAWWWWWWWWWWWK @ Sounds on Sunday...I love these guys, I always have the best time, they are so damn funky, their music is always uplifting and shoot I am def a regular at their gigs...woot woot DIRTY LAUNDRY BABYYYYY YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D
  • Para & Lassa became UK citizens and we had a celebratory dinner at Est...go sisters :D
  • Howard meeting, smaaashed, sick, taxi home
  • Toni Rae's 21st @ Hilton...shopped like crazy in the day at Chatswood for a freaking costume haha...bused in with the crew and drank lots at the party, danced lots, caught up with old friends Dee & Hanna...funtastic night (or so I thought?)
  • Pat's birthday dinner at Istana...not as good as usual but roti and pipis still absolutely delish
  • Xic Lo is the new Pho Ben these days...better quality, same price :) Had a yummo girlie dinner there
  • Michelle and I split :( I finally moved to my new role and *sob* we no longer work together...end of an era...MANY drinks were had to commiserate
  • Caught up on my OC finally!
  • Margaret started at PB yay!
  • School lunch @ Rooftop Bar with Bog, Boof, Yeek, Preeya, Cindy and I
  • HELLA FUN NIGHT...Party @ The Vibe for Yeekei's farewell...Hilltop Hoods concert @ UNSW Roundhouse - go sangria bong, go cow, go tequilla shots, go bboy battle on anzac parade, go dr who dance, go being at the front, go jumping up and down so hard your calves hurt for the next 4 days!
  • Snoop D-OH-double-G...not fun waiting around but when he came on...woooooooo that dude can rawk it :) I love his oooooooooooh-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee call
  • Yeek's last day at ANZ...spent at Hotel Chambers from 6pm till midnight...another top top night with Para and work people :)

    Hmmm perhaps not so vague but oh well...the more detail the better I will remember! And wow, looking back the majority of it has been good, fun times :) Yes...prob def the reason why I've felt really content with my life and things of late...such a relaxing feeling, wonder how long it will last??!!?

    Anyhoo the "vague" recaps brings me to Easter weekend which ahh I will just elaborate another time...its ciao time for me now.......xoxo
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    Mar. 12th, 2006 | 02:56 pm

    Love forever love is free...

    Lets turn forever you and me

    Thats how I feel about me and V =D

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    [ CATCH-UPS ]

    Mar. 5th, 2006 | 10:21 pm
    mood: weirdweird

    It's been a while, and spending a whole day at home recovering from the night before and procrastinating doing your work makes it a perfect time to update!

    So past events:

    - Damo left for Singapore and is now officially living and working there
    - Lara officially moved to Melb. Had her farewell Australia Day Eve at Chilli Lime Too with the whole SPP crew, then kicked on at The Oaks + Fonzo, then Cindy's place
    - Spent Australia Day with Bellsy, Adge, Cindy, Bec and Mel @ Balmoral Beach + Neutral Bay
    - Went out for Dee's birthday at Newtown and rode in with Johnny on his bike. The last time I'll be on a bike for a while since he's gone and injured himself!!!!!!!!!
    - Did some house-sitting for Melz while she went to QLD...made me reaaaaalllllllly want to move out and live closer to the city
    - Farewell for Frodo @ Bungalow 8
    - Started Italian classes
    - Sat's birthday gig at Goodies (awesome night!!)
    - Kelly & Dean's wedding...awww...checked out The Palace for the first time too!
    - Went to Melb with Cindy to visit Lara and Mat and check out their new place...awww I love it and I love where they live and I fell in love with Melb city even more :)
    - Formed a production line for wedding invitations haha so much fun! And then joined in poker too :)
    - Beach chilling with Para @ Clovelly
    - Scored a new role at work :D :D :D
    - Yeekei resigned and is moving to the UK!!! Had a "meeting" with him and Adge...we are all so same same
    - Cycle rawwwwwwks!

    The weekend just passing was Mardi Gras...my first time and the dikes on bikes do not disappoint! Not much else to say about the rest of the parade though, but all in all good entertainment.

    It's hard trying to find the words...scared of mixed messages, not sure how certain things may come across...it's also hard to decipher/understand other people's words...I guess you just have to be sure you know the person well enough to take what they say for how they would mean it to come across...right??!??

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    Feb. 13th, 2006 | 11:21 pm
    mood: thankfulthankful

    Its amazing what can happen in 2 weeks...its amazing what you can gain...its amazing what you can feel...its amazing what you learn...2 weeks is such a small and tiny and nominal amount in the vast space of time, yet it is amazing what can happen!

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    Jan. 22nd, 2006 | 10:25 pm
    mood: sleepysleepy

    This about sums it right up.......

    Yo, this is a lesson in friendship
    The depths of a kinship
    What women and men begin with, and then slip
    My pen drips
    As I scribble my thoughts on thin strips
    Of emotion
    A fraction, seduction, attraction
    Eruption of passion
    Corrupts if a lasted friendship's involved
    But love to cross the line
    But that's why we built these walls

    We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine
    Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line
    I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time
    Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line

    Opposite's attract
    When the female and male come in contact
    Sticky situation in fact
    Tryin not to let the feelings catch
    But there's a thin line between both of y'all
    So you respect that
    And entertain the idea, but get brought back
    To reality, and could you really live with that?
    Decision, based on intuition
    You love and keep your distance
    Hug and kiss in friendship

    An ongoing kinship, we was people to begin with
    Disrespect was not intended
    but your feelings sparked the sentence
    Sometimes you're too intense in your quest to invent
    The perfect man, please understand, my rhyme is your repent

    We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine
    Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line
    I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time
    Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line

    Man, too bad that we became friends first
    I'm not on expert on how relationships should work
    But, (echos) from the minute it was known
    It changed the whole tone on how we spoke on the phone
    Yo, it was cool but I felt it wasn't enough
    And I was stuck when your moms would pick it up
    Over you, all my buddies would swoon
    But I felt we were in tune, you let me up in your room. (Damn)
    But to me girl, you're still off limits
    No matter all the times that I hinted. (Yo, whatchu doin after this?)
    Infactuation was authentic, but yo I just pretended
    So I wouldn't lose the friendship
    Maybe, I should spill all my guts
    Or write a letter, then tear it up
    Or do a song, just to say what's up
    I want ... just ... a touch

    We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine
    Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line
    I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time
    Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line

    I can't do this anymore
    See my heart just falls out when you walk in the door
    Friendship turns into lust and this only tip
    That I can't comprehend even if I knew it
    Can't do justice to these things that I'm feeling
    You got someone else, don't wanna be caught stealing
    Hell if she knew she would never leave us alone
    in the roo-ooo-ooom

    This was a lesson in friendship
    I stress in this sentence
    Should women and men be friends first?
    And then slip?
    My pen drips as I scribble my thoughts on thin strips
    of devotion

    Opposites attract
    And best friends make a perfect match
    If you only knew that
    Once you cross, ain't no turning back
    The minute you let him in it and he hit that
    That's that

    We was people to begin with, but you was too relentless
    Jeporidizing kinship, respect is intended
    Resolve is my intent
    While we got it in
    I'm tryin to salvage a friendship

    We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine
    Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line
    I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time
    Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line

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    [ BEAT ]

    Jan. 22nd, 2006 | 08:22 pm
    mood: thankfulthankful

    Thats how I feel...I am soo beat from this past weekend...quick recap: Friday lunch @ 333 with work girls plus LAS came for a bit. Friday drinks started off at 333 with work crew (Froddo, Emilisa, Syl, Trannie) plus Diaz, Francis, Dennis, Amer and my lovely ladies Melz and Becz joined as well. Frenchie made a suprise turn up as well :P Melz, Froddo, Emilisa and I headed to The Loft for Cindy's thing. Got there and Lara left straight away...pooh! Slavs came and we all grabbed some sub-way. Saturday Lara and Mat picked Cindy and I up for Kel's hens day. 12:30pm we were inside Randwick racecourse...stayed off the alcohol for a bit and drank water as recovery for last night. Then quickly got into the champagne and it was all on. Had dinner at the Forbes then went to Bungalow 8. Shortly after Lara, Cindy and I headed to Ravesi's. Was home by 1:30am. Loooooong as day that I am still paying for now, even though i've slept through most of it. My voice is gone, my head aches and all I feel like is greasy food. Such a waste of a day though....its been perfect beach weather and all I've been doing is sleeping like a baby :P

    Highlight of the weekend would be my Mum coming back this morning, all the conversations with Lara and balcony @ loft. Lowlight would be losing my D&G sunnies *cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*


  • As this weekend has progressed I get a huge sense of regret on their behalf and it sucks because it is so confusing and frustrating
  • I've been described as moving "slowly" and I don't disagree nor deny that...but I do wonder why that still is true today
  • A lot of people mistake my sadness for something that used to be true, but deep down I know that is not the case and I think what I feel is legit, but at the same time I don't need to feel this way...so yeah...just another step in the journey :)
  • I had the best time with Lara this weekend and I'm going to miss that woman A LOT!!!
  • Looking back on this weekend and the past few weekends I've realised how completely lucky I am with the close women in my life - they all completely rawk and I couldn't ask for a better bunch...I think each of them reflect a lot about me...my past, my experiences, all many things I've learnt to where I am today and my goals and aspirations for the future...they inspire me the and have a very positive affect on me which I love. They understand me and know me so well when I question things...they re-affirm my gut feelings yet also bring fresh ideas and new thoughts to the table. These women have accomplished so much in their young lives I feel completely blessed to share it with them all :)
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    [ LAZZZZZY! ]

    Jan. 19th, 2006 | 11:46 pm
    mood: tiredtired

    Here goes point form cause I'm *points above*

    -> Damo's farewell last friday, what can I say, crazy mutha-effin night
    -> Boys will be boys and slappers will be slappers
    -> No matter what you say...you're such a tease :P hehe
    -> Hot hot Saturday spent at Lara's place for her family farewell (plus Cindy and I hehe)...you could feel the love and ache in the heart for when she finally leaves
    -> I cried haha what a sook!
    -> Champagne and Lychee liqueur rawk
    -> So does 4Play
    -> No time to chill out at home
    -> Sounds on Sunday is wicked...can't wait to go back :)
    -> Cindy, Mel and I cut up some rug big time hahahahhaha
    -> Summer rain is awesomeeee!!!
    -> Love @ chesty bonds singlets

    Mum gets back on Sunday woohoo :) I've missed her a lot xoxo

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    [ RECAP ]

    Jan. 10th, 2006 | 10:00 pm
    mood: annoyedannoyed

    Of the hectic weekend which was uber fun :)

    Friday went out to lunch at Pier 26 for Danielle aka Trannie's birthday...weather held up which was good. Had a couple of wines and mussels at lunch...yummo mussels they were and far out did they fill me good. So much so that I couldn't even order dessert, shame. After work the work crew headed on down to Establishment...had a few more drinks there and Satty, Bec and Mel also came. Ohh tried this awesome liqueur called Soho Lychee...taste purely like lychees, delish! Mixed with lemonade and it is up there with Frangelico + fresh lemon and the usual Vodka + soda + fresh lime :D After Est we stopped by Minx *cringe* to say hello to Adge and he ended up joining us down to Cargo. Had a bit of a dance and called it a night around 1am...would've loved to have stayed and chatted somemore, but yeah had to rush off...

    Saturday woke up craving Pork and Tomato rice big time!! Hehe so Becz, Mel and I scooted on down to Market City for a good feed. Saw Michael Psaltis at his work which was cool, haven't seen that guy in a v.loong time! Walked around for a bit but the shopping didn't excite us much, which is a GOOD thing for sure...ended up racing back home to get ready for 4pm drinks at Light Brigade to meet Barbs :) which of course we didn't make haha! Ended up scooping ALL my girls - G, Jo, Becz & Mel - and we got to Light Brigade around 7ish. Quickly polished off a couple of bottles of wine and by 9pm we were wrecked...Becz got picked up by Elle and went to her work thing and Melz, Jo, G and I carried on. Froddo and Slavs came as well and we have Slavs all the wine that we couldn't possibly finish...Melz, G and Jo ended up going home and Froddo, Slavs and I made our way to the Loft to meet Chris...Loft ended up being pretty good and Becz came down later as well...what I planned to not be a late one, ended up being a reaaally late one with a visit to Harry's Cafe De Wheels at the end haha better than macca's I guess!

    Sunday veged at Becz place for a bit, then headed to Macquarie for a good jap feed and we watched 'Just Like Heaven'...its cute! Not the best ending, in fact I didn't really like the ending, but the rest of the movie was cute...I just love Reese, she's hella cute!! Afterwards hooked up with Johnny for a long overdue catch up...twas good :) Love chatting to that boy. Finally got home around 10:30pm and absolutely crashed...I was gonneeee

    This weekend is set to be good but much quieter, phew...yes its only Tuesday and I am already thinking about the weekend haha


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    [ SO MUCH ]

    Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 10:19 pm
    mood: thankfulthankful

    I just have so much floating around in my head...my thoughts I want to put down but I just don't seem motivated to do so...why? Laziness I'm sure....anyways....its 2006 bay-beeeeee, which means 2005 is over but its far from gone in my head. In no shorter words, 2005 was an epic year for me :) Its amazing looking back over the past 12 months and over that time what I've felt, the experiences I've had, the places I've seen, the changes to my perspective and outlook on life, the changes in my emotions, the friends I've met, bonds existing that have become stronger and closer and those that are sadly getting weaker.

    Off the top of my head...significant events are:

    * Trip to the Phils & spending time with k.don and k.mark
    * Michelle's birthday at MPB then kicking on at Hugo's
    * Visiting Dubby in hospital
    * Joanna's birthday
    * Benjo's 21st
    * Jam in the Park
    * Carols in the Domain
    * Trip to Byron Bay with my para
    * Terrigal with high school girls
    * Touch footy final
    * Adge's bday @ Moulin Rouge
    * April long weekend
    * BBQ @ Steve's (welcome back Adge!)
    * Kel and Dean's engagement party
    * Sylvia's bday @ Opera Bar
    * My farewell

    and of course...............

    * Trip around the world :) And more particularly: Vernazza

    Vernazza....what can I say....that place is AMAZING and had an even more amazing impact on me which I will NEVER EVER forget for the rest of my life. Definite turning point in my life...ahhhh luv @ vernazza!!!!!

    I want to, and will, elaborate one day but for now this will do xoxo

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    [ FIRST... ]

    Dec. 5th, 2005 | 11:06 pm
    mood: pleasedpleased

    First weekend of Summer went off!!!!! (Hope thats a sign of the season to come *excitement*)

    Friday night spent it with work girls and Becz...ate Italian at Limoncello...so yum, such a Euro environment, brought me back to my travel days and weee got so excited! Afterwards went to Sylvia's place for cocktails :) We tried to follow the recipe but thought f*dge it and made our own concoctions...bizarre but good!

    Saturday slept in and then it was time for Jam In The Park!! Picked up Lara, Mat and Becz and headed to the city to park the car...stopped by Wagamama's for lunch - edamame, gyoza, yaki soba YUM - then headed to Centennial Park. Outdoor concerts rawk!!! The weather was great..sunny, hot with a cool breeze....sass strawberry bubbly was flowing and it was just great! And hanging out with my closest and bestest friends ever was just unreal!!!! Sneaky went offff too and before we knew it, it was 8pm and the sun was setting and JK comes out to Canned Heat :) Such a good performer, heaps of energy, but the biggest bummer was no performance of Corner of the Earth...my Jamiroquai fav :( After the concert bumped into the boys, head, gump, harko etc and then we headed to Arthur's Pizza. Can't believe how poor form that place has become...I'm devasted...no more amazing potato pizza :( Quality is still good, but just not as good as it was before.

    Sunday slept in again and then met Mel for lunch at Woolwich Pub...omigosh the day was scorching hot and we just chilled out at the pub from 2pm till 8pm! We had a refreshing rocket salad plus fresh prawns for lunch *drool* and beers x 986549609749387589437593 hehe we don't hold back when we're together...it was such good fun though. Lots to catch up on and chat about and just ahhh we baked. My right side is definitely more tanned than my left hehe

    Anyway, got home around 10pm and crashed and so here we are. Did a mad job tonight since I missed Pilates and I ache! Hope I'll be all good for touch tomorrow. Lovelies today included sms from my k.don...he's making a surprise visit back home, "Pammy" pic, Byron all booked, I ran far

    Less than a month till New Years...gotta start thinking long and hard about my NY resolution list :P xoxo

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